Friday, June 1, 2018

On the crypto crisis of faith

FT - the crypto crisis of faith. Apparently there's this crypto investor clown who's selling his Manhattan townhouse for $30m in bitcoin.

Except he isn't. In reality, he's selling his house for $30m in cash, but $45m if you want to pay in bitcoin instead.

Which means that he feels bitcoin is only worth 2/3 of its cash quoted price. Either because it's so illiquid (unlike currency), or because as his lawyer states it's so volatile (unlike, y'know, currency).

Either that, or he's simply charging a 50% money-laundering fee, which seems to me like one heck of a high risk premium to charge on a mob deal, but then again I don't regularly interact with the mob so what do I know.

But it is a sign that the top has come and gone when the bigshots in the bitcoin pump scam all start converting their bitcoins into real hard assets.

Oh, and McAfee is starting to wonder if he might have to eat his own dick on TV. Forget Otto Rock and his "Daniel Ameduri promised to shut down his company!!1!" story, because an even more fun (and actually relevant outside the world of goldbug pump and dump bullshit) story is how McAfee will wriggle his way out of his promised autophallophagy without cratering bitcoin.

Friday videos: Let Forever Be

And how does it feel like, to watch in 360p?

As an added extra, here's Noel talking about recording "Let Forever Be" and "Setting Sun" with the ChemBros, and you know it'll be fun to watch just cos it's Noel:

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Ontario election: ok that's it, I've decided

I just got a YouTube ad where Mike Ford promised me 12% off on my hydro bills.

12%? Wow! Fuck education, environment, and the apparent complete and utter incompetence of a fat clown whose daddy was rich, whose brother was a cokehead, and who can't even string together an intelligent sounding sentence!

A 12% special on Hydro, and the beer in the corner store thing, is all I needed to see in the Conservative platform, I'm hooked.



ADDENDUM: he's also going to use his mystical power to control the international commodity markets to cut the price of gas by 10c per litre! Or, of course, just bankrupt the province by cutting the provincial tax on gas.


Monday, May 28, 2018

What is this I don't even

FT Alphaville - a crypto stunt gone tragically wrong. It starts out with a bunch of crypto clowns climbing Mount Everest (wait, what?) to bury a hard drive full of their cryptocurrency (wait, why?).

Being as they're on Mount Everest, you should expect that it all goes downhill from there.

Oh, and they're Ukrainian, which means it's even more surprising that something bad happened or that they're morons who let their Sherpas die.

I remain utterly unamazed that people still invest in this.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

More funnies: James Acaster makes girls pee

Watch the girl with black hair beside him. She just couldn't stand it.

NDD: weekly indicators starting to suck edition

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators.

I hadn't been following this for a few months, so I had no idea M1 and M2 were sucking so very badly.

Tax withholding also stinks.