Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The opioid crisis

WSJ RTE - prescription rates driving the opioid crisis, not unemployment.

Textbook statistical study here.

If joblessness was a cause of drug abuse, then the differential impacts of the 2008 crisis on different states would show a differential effect on drug abuse.

But the data don't show that.

Thus, it's really just a case of Republican states (where addiction is more common) being full of doctors who love prescribing drugs. And Republican voters loving taking drugs, instead of trusting in Christ to lead them through times of difficulty.

As an aside, Jordan Peterson (yeah, I've been watching him, wanted to see what the fuss was about) makes the point that "people who are depressed feel physical pain more, it's statistically proven. And people who feel pain more get prescribed more opioids." Thus, Republican states must be more psychologically depressing states.

If that's the case, then the above study must show that Republican depression has nothing to do with economic hardship.

Maybe Peterson can explain whether more hateful people feel depression more.

Or maybe whether the cognitive dissonance required to profess love of Christ and patriotism, while simultaneously hating the 50% of Americans who don't vote for your party, correlates with increased depression and physical pain.

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