Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Deal Demoncrat is getting full of himself

New Deal Demoncrat - dear professor Krugman....


You never admit that you read my blog. Why would you expect that K-dog will admit to reading your blog?

Seriously, though, the Krugginator tends to stay away from social media because it's full of dickless fucksticks constantly trying to make their mark by taking on Teh Ebil Krugman Sociamalist, kinda like an army of WWF fans demanding a title shot with the heavyweight champion without ever having contested a match. He even ignores taunts from the St. Louis Fed's resident clown Stephen Williamson, leaving it to DeLong to respond to Williamson's idiotic jawboning.

Put succinctly, K-dog always has a choice of how to apportion scarce resources. He can

1) chat with a large pool of distinguished economist friends like Mo Obstfeld, Larry Summers or Barry Eichengreen on economics topics that extend his knowledge and understanding, or

2) read a blog by some guy.

If K-dog is a rational maximizer of utility facing a time constraint, he will always choose 1 over 2.

Just accept that we all can't be the blog that Obama relied on to provide him with critical national security insights in the midst of an international crisis.

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