Friday, March 31, 2017

Trumpocalypse: IT BEGINS

I like this whole Flynn business, it's funny.

Michael Flynn, 2016: "Anyone asking for immunity must have done something wrong!"
Michael Flynn, 2017: "I need immunity!"

Or, even simpler:

Michael Flynn, 2016: "Lock her up!"
Michael Flynn, 2017: "Please don't lock me up!"

Meanwhile, it's also funny to see Trump pissing off the extremists in the Republican party, which is a dumb fucking strategy for him considering:

1) Trump is impeachable right now,
2) It's the Republicans who have the power to impeach in this congress, and
3) Those same Republicans would really prefer Pence in power, given he's another ignorant Jesus freak just like them.

And now Americans are starting to learn that if they kick out all those illegal Mexicans, they'll have to replace 70% of all farm workers in the country.

And that's also funny because it's the farmers who voted for Trump.

And the rustbelt methheads who also voted for Trump won't enjoy paying 2x the price for their food once the Mexicans are gone, nor will they enjoy working 80 hour weeks in the hot sun for $2/hr. And that's also funny.

To paraphrase Mencken, the American people know what they want, and they deserve to get it good and hard.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

And they say gold's worth nothing....

BBC News - $4M gold coin stolen from Berlin museum. Quote:

A giant gold coin bearing the Queen's image, and worth $4m (£3.2m), has been stolen from a museum in Germany.

The Canadian coin, nicknamed the "big maple leaf", has a face value of $1m - but because it is 100kg (220lb) of pure 24-carat gold, its value is much higher at today's price for gold bullion.

It was taken during the night from the Bode Museum in Berlin.

It is not clear how the thieves evaded the alarm system or carried the heavy, half-metre (20.9 in) coin away.

Wake up sheeple!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Trump's immigration crackdown destroying farm industry

Business Insider - Trump's immigration crackdown hurting farm industry. Here's why:

Trump's promises to crackdown on immigrants in the country illegally and ICE's stepped-up enforcement efforts since his election have sent chills through the US agriculture industry. Industry-wide, 16% of workers are undocumented, while undocumented immigrants make up 70% of all fieldworkers — the vast majority of them Mexican.

In New York state, 1,080 farms are at risk of shrinking significantly or failing because of enhanced immigration enforcement in the state.

Intensified enforcement has also exacerbated a labor shortage already plaguing the industry in the state.

"If we don't have the ability to have workers on our farms, farms can't survive," Farm Bureau spokesman Steve Ammerman told Crain's.

Farmers are "having such a difficult time" finding workers, he said, "because people are scared, they're nervous to be out in the open seeking employment."

Well, why not just round up all the white trash who voted for Trump, and send them out to pick strawberries for 60 hours a week at $2/hour?

That'd sure put a dent in the obesity epidemic!

PS, Jojo says gold miners still suck

Get back Jojo - gold miners still suck.

Bunch of TA stuff.

Personally, I think the Jan-Feb strength in GDX was entirely from a couple big funds buying gold and the miners for whatever strategic reason their coke-addled minds could come up with, and thus the chart has been distorted by large movers.

Quick market comment

Well, it's a really stupid market when people sell off US stocks and the US dollar just because twenty million Americans haven't had their health coverage revoked.

But at least it means $USD is dropping, which means gold is back up to $1257 or so at this moment, which means gold is very close to printing a higher high ($1266 or so is a breakout), which means gold miners are still a good play.

GDX needs to get above $23.50 and stay there, because right now it's still below its SMA(50) and that makes it look bad compared to gold. If it doesn't get above that, then maybe this is just a double top in gold.

With that in mind, this action still doesn't look good for GDX and gold. But then again, everyone else is thinking the same thing. We'll just have to wait and see which way the boat tips.

As for Obamacare - I find it funny that the Republicunts voted to repeal it more than 50 times while they were in opposition, but now that they're in power and they have to explain themselves to their constituents, they've suddenly lost that hating feeling.

I guess that's what happens when you take a few hundred ignorant blowhards and put them in a position where they have to actually accomplish something, eh?