Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday video: Stars of the Lid live

There's a few editing flubs and the sound isn't perfect, but FFS it's Stars of the Lid live for a whole hour:

They're one of the few ultra-ambient acts that I respect:

It's awfully easy to fuck around with a delay pedal, or pitch-shift a sample down 3 octaves and loop it in Audition with tank reverb: it's a fuck of a lot harder to write something that's imperceptibly slow but has a melody.

So frankly, for melodic ambient, there's Stars of the Lid, Amp's "Perception", and Aidan Baker, and then there's a whole pile of garbage after that.

As far as the pitch-shifters go, you're never going to do any better than Ovum, Silent Watcher of Dark Matter, or Stephen Philips, so why not just quit with the kid stuff and go back to indie-rock.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Speaking of which, here's your newest Russian propaganda

Zerohedge - McDonald's replacing tellers with "burger ATMs".

#1: What, this is news? We've had one at the McDonald's by my house for at least half a year now.

#2: And no, I haven't seen fewer people working at that McDonald's. See, they still have to prepare food and assemble orders. Running the till is a minuscule percentage of the workload at a fast food place. In fact, these automated ordering machines are there to (ideally) speed customers through with less wait time, and that means the staff have to work faster.

#3: If someone were to lose his job directly because of one of these machines, that'll be fine. See, the US is near full employment right now, and employers are finding positions hard to fill. So nobody's actually going to lose his job for long, because he can just go to another employer somewhere else. Thanks Obama!

#4: Vladimir Putin can no longer maintain an erection, and his country is a shithole full of gutless alcoholic wife-beaters.*

I had to put that last bit in there because every time I post something critical of Zerohedge I get a million hits from Russian bots trying to DNS my blog. You guys are fucking clowns, and if you keep bugging me I'll start posting archived Russian news articles about how Pooty-Poot had thousands of Russian citizens murdered in fake terrorist attacks in 1999.

That usually makes the Russian internet trolls go away.

*We know they're gutless because they suck at hockey, we know they're alcoholics because thousands die every year from drinking perfume and floor cleaner, and we know they're wife beaters because all their women are over here.

Some news from Calculated Risk that you don't need to read anymore

Been working my butt off this semester, because I have an overload and one of the classes is 4th year macro. So I haven't been posting that much.

But on top of that, I have to repair my RSS because the reader I use seems not to load articles from more than 4 feeds anymore. And I'm only going to be able to repair my RSS when I'm done the homework, which is constantly piling up.

But here's some news:

Calculated Risk - chemical activity barometer starts new year with strong gain. But it's not as if anyone in the world still needs to be convinced of the US economy's strength anymore, now that Obama's out of office.

Calculated Risk - mortgage applications increase. But it's not like anyone needs data to prove the economy's great anymore, now that Trump is going to eliminate taxes and regulation.

Calculated Risk - January vehicle sales around 17M. But nobody needs to know this, they're all of a sudden happy to bid the S&P up to a 25 trailing P/E because there's no longer a Kenyan muslim socialist atheist usurper in power.

I just find it hilarious how quickly the narrative changes. Just goes to show you that a lot of people invest based on Breitbart and Zerohedge.

By the way... have Zerohedge stopped running their dooooom articles now that their Russian paymasters' puppet is president? I mean, it must suck to be Daniel Ivandjiiski - he's going to lose a lot of American clicks if all he can do is write propaganda pieces on Angela Merkel and EU disintegration.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

XLB breakout: The big question

XLB broke out, but I can't post it because again Blogger is garbage and I'm about to leave this shithole website if this keeps up.

XLB breaking out got me to increase my GDX position.

I think the big question on everyone's mind is, will Trump be inflationary?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Advice for Reuters' Bangladeshi news algorithm

Here's an idea for a gold headline...


Because despite what the goldbugs might think, there's reason for the gold fear trade to be profitable with Republicans in power too.