Sunday, July 23, 2017

If Hillary had won: a horror story!

Nate Silver - If Hillary Clinton had won. And y'know, in the long run, that hallucinating shitstain of a failed state south of me might have been worse off:

These storylines — Trump tweeting something inflammatory about Clinton, Republicans investigating Clinton, Clinton feuding with the press — keep repeating themselves. It sometimes seems as though we’ve spent the six months of Clinton’s presidency trapped in the Most Annoying News Cycle Ever, with no chance of escape. But the truth is that there hasn’t been a whole lot else to talk about. With Republicans in charge of both chambers of Congress, Clinton has little hope of enacting her legislative agenda. And although North Korea’s increasingly ambitious nuclear tests are a major concern, Clinton’s foreign policy has largely been a continuation of Barack Obama’s and so has seldom made news. At this month’s G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany, for instance, the media devoted more coverage to Clinton’s choice of pantsuits than to the G-20’s reaffirmation of the Paris climate accords. So let’s tune out the noise of the news cycle and consider Clinton’s first six months from a historical perspective.

I actually don't think she would have been allowed to fill the Supreme Court vacancy either. The Republicans would be content to spend years setting fire to shit.

As it stands, the Rethuglicunts get four years to pursue tax cuts for the super-rich and inability to accomplish any fucking single thing else. If the Democrats somehow find things to stand for, they might be able to sweep the lunatic fringe out by 2020.

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