Saturday, July 29, 2017

Catnip update

The catnip is growing great this year, thanks to our very wet spring and early summer. In fact, it's even sprouting up in the lawn, which is almost dead from last year's several months of drought.

Even better, it looks like the rain has suppressed the aphid farming ants, so there are no aphids on my catnip this year. There do seem to be aphid farmers around, but it looks like they've moved on to farming large red aphids on the majestic 4-foot-high thistles that come up everywhere because of the rain.

As usual, the catnip is attracting all sorts of bees - some honeybees, some small grey bees (i.e. they have grey stripes instead of yellow), tiny needlebees (about as small as a large mosquito but definitely beeish), and yet again stupid cabbage butterflies. And strangely, some carnivorous wasps (i.e. the wasps that truly, no shitting you, eat the dead animals my cat brings home) and hornets.

But not to worry, all insects are very happy and placid when they are drinking catnip nectar. Stupid the cat even swats at the damn things when he's out there.

Strangely, I've seen absolutely no bumblebees all year - except today, where there are what look like smaller bumblebees on the flowers. But the big fat zeppelin-sized ones that we normally have everywhere have been completely absent this year.

Hopefully it's just a population cycle thing, maybe cos of the extremely abnormal weather we've had this year.

Now all I have to do is learn how to re-seed a fucking lawn properly. Cos all I've been doing is growing bigger and bigger weeds.


  1. is pretty neat to see the effects of all the rain we have had...i'm in barrie. Your cat is a lucky cat to have someone who farms all that catnip.

    1. Hey, he loves all that catnip, it really pulls the chixxx.