Saturday, July 22, 2017

Breaking news: little blonde white girl gets justice

First they came for the little girls running lemonade stands, but I did nothing:

Evening Standard - Five year old girl left in tears as Tower Hamlets council officers shut down her lemonade stand and issue £150 fine. It's an outrage because she's white:

A five-year-old girl selling lemonade to revellers heading to a festival in east London had her stand shut down by council officers who slapped her and her father with a £150 fine.

Andre Spicer said his daughter burst into tears and told him “I’ve done a bad thing” after enforcement officers read out a lengthy legal letter before issuing him the notice.

The five-year-old and Mr Spicer, a professor at City University, were given the fine for "trading without a permit" after they set up the make-shift stall near their home in Mile End.

After it was contacted by the Standard, Tower Hamlets Council promised to cancel the fine "immediately" and said it would contact the family to apologise.

Though if she wasn't a white girl, and oh also the daughter of a professor, they would have just burned her and her family to death in a building designed to be a fire hazard.

A spokesman for the council said it expected its enforcement officers "to show common sense" when using their powers.

But they don't expect common sense from the architects building council flats cladded with flammable material.

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