Monday, May 29, 2017

In place of market news....

Since there's pretty much no reason to look at market news right now, here's some other news:

Larry Summers - Trump's China deal is only a good deal for China. Looks like all he did was get a few things done for the corporate lobbyists. What a way to make America great again!

Polemic's Pains - doctors are now investing in bitcoin. And since doctors are about the worst investors out there, that doesn't bode well for bitcoin.

WSJ - lessons for labour in the fight for $15. Lesson #1 is that they should have been sticking up for the broader working class over the past 30 years, instead of becoming a bourgeois bunch of self-interested fucks.

John Quiggin - drug wars. Wanna save the US $300 billion a year? Easy: eliminate patents. No, seriously. US drug expenditure is $400B/y, while US drug research is only $40B.

NY Times - in fundamentalist theocracies, children are forced to marry their rapists. Like in the USA, for example. No, really. And of course the Republicans are in favour of it.

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  1. Didn't Larry Summers lose $1.8 billion of the Harvard Endowment on an interest rate swap? Looks like his intellect is built for the theoretical World. In the real World he gets his face ripped off! (Actually the Harvard endowment takes the hit. Larry prob got his bonus that year).