Saturday, June 25, 2016

NEWS BULLETIN: Led Zeppelin cleared of plagiarism

BBC - Zep cleared of plagiarism. No, Led Zeppelin didn't steal "Stairway to Heaven". Rather, as it turns out, Randy California stole "Taurus":
During the trial, defence lawyers argued the chord progression in question was very common and had been in use for more than 300 years.
You can't fucking claim that you deserve someone else's royalties when you've nicked the chord progression in question from Henry Purcell and Alessandro Scarlatti. Well... maybe you still can if you're Randy's widow and you never gave a shit about the music, you're just looking for money.

And in case you want more commentary than this, I'll pass you on to an angry dwarf with a music blog:

Bob Lefsetz - Led Zeppelin ramble ramble internet ramble ramble Kanye.

Some Saturday news

So the market had its spaz attack on Friday, and so did several analysts.

Apparently, you can be a professor at George Mason and not fucking understand that whatever happened in the UK, central banks will automatically respond with policy meant to soften the blow.

So the blather will continue til it fades off into the distance and all anyone cares about is whether the US economy is still growing.

To that end, here's news:

Bonddad - Thursday datafest. Really, truck tonnage and chemical activity are still increasing? That must mean the US is still growing, eh?

Calculated Risk - weekly initial claims decrease. Really? That must mean the US is still growing, eh?

The Krugginator - Brexit, the morning after. Some calm and sensible discussion, such as this chart of the pound where if you squint really really hard you might be able to see the effect of the vote on their currency:

But since he's a Keynesian you're required to ignore him and call him some dummy sociamalist.

IKN - Bobby Genovese looking to refloat Liberty Silver in 2016. Good, let's see who he hires this time to pump his scam. As for IKN, it's now been over a year since he stopped talking to me because I'd mocked him for calling Blaise Pascal the president of Burkina Faso.

Friday, June 24, 2016


So England voted to leave the EZ, just like I told you they would.

The UK voters don't care about economics, sorry. The vote wasn't about property values or anything. The vote was about driving out the darkies and the polaks, and anyone who remembers the glory days of Enoch Powell would have been able to predict this vote.

It's really quite simple. The English are so racist that they hate Belgians. Why would you expect the vote to be any different?

And it's a fact that old people vote more than young people, and country folk vote more than city folk, so just ask yourself how you'd expect a 75-year-old uneducated bitch from the Forest of Deane to cast her vote and that should have been your prediction for the referendum.

So what now?

The market has grossly overreacted to the vote, considering it'll still take 3 months to find a new PM, then another several months of negotiating the terms of negotiations, then 2 years of Article 50.

Still, the UK will go into an immediate recession, since the #1 result of this will be a drop in investment spending ex-real estate, and the investment cycle drives the economic cycle. Investment should drop even more in Scotland and NI, since nobody knows which way either of them go from here. Sinn Fein is actually calling for an immediate border vote under the GFA, which they can do if they don't mind a new war with the Ulster Loyalists; meanwhile, the SNP can successfully argue that the EZ referendum result is a sufficient enough change to Scotland's position in the UK that a new Scottish independence referendum has automatically been triggered.

And the Conservatives will respond with an austerity budget that amplifies the economic collapse, because the entire world political class ex-Trudeau still thinks austerity is the cure for everything.

The drop in the pound doesn't help the UK one bit trade-wise, because a) they just tore up the FTA they had with their largest single trading partner, and b) nobody else is going to forge new trade ties with the UK when they're facing 3 years of uncertainty about who the hell they're dealing with and under what treaty.

One thing I can predict with certainty, being a Canadian who's experienced the silliness of a Quebec "independence but not really" referendum, is that the centrist (semi-Leave, semi-Remain) element will band together to move forward with a strategy of negotiating "independence but not really". The ideal would be an agreement that can convince Joe Oik that yes, we're still going to ship out all the Romanians on cattle-cars, you've won, but hey look at this we're also going to hammer out a new agreement that gives us all the goodness of independence while also giving us all the goodness of remaining in the EZ except we won't call it "remaining in the EZ" because we won't be in the EZ but we will but stumm.

Thus they can rescue Joe City of London's balls from the fire while simultaneously convincing at least 10% of Joe Headbutts that hey, this new EZ "sovereign partnership agreement" will be just as good as independence, in fact it's what you voted for, you wanted the Turks out of Stoke didn't you, well here you go.

The problem I can see with that is that the big prize in this negotiation is the possible relocation of the EZ's banking centre. We know for a fact that Deutsche Bank & the rest of the continental banks have their hands up Merkel & Schauble's butts, so there's no way the Germans will consent to the City remaining in business.

Really, I don't know who the hell the City has on their side in Europe: fact is, the twats were only useful while they were useful. Now they're prey.

Plus it might be that Germany and France go out of their way to more generally take England's knees out, as a way of warning the others (Greece certainly, but also the neo-Nazi Russian-funded East like Hungary and Slovakia) that leaving the EZ earns you destruction with malice aforethought. They may want to really make an example out of England.

Meanwhile, this changes nothing for equities: British and European stocks universally sucked before today, and they are going to continue sucking for the next several years. Which means your buddy who went long EZ stocks 6 months ago because of their awesome low valuations is proven to be a fucking clueless idiot yet again. There has literally been no company from Europe that was worth investing in at any time over the past 20 years, save Nokia.

The US may freak out for a couple days on this vote. You can expect a few other freakout days at various points in the future as various milestones are passed. Britain will indeed go into a deep recession. You may expect snits from other miserable European countries. But the US is still the best equity market in the world.

I guess the one significant change is that rich white people now may feel they have reason to stick more gold in vaults. But that's a longer-term trend issue: last night's pop in gold should likely get worn off.

Friday videos - SPC ECO

Well, this is an interesting little indie baWAIT WTF THIS IS DEAN GARCIA FROM CURVE

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Popo on Brexit

Polemic's Pains - on psychology and Brexit. Popo points out that it's obvious polls will swing in favour of Remain. After all, fewer people will want to admit to a live human being that they are still in favour of Leave now that the Leave side is seen to be populated with murderous psychopaths and the Moscow-funded neo-Nazi Farage.

However, even if Leave makes them feel too dirty to publicly self-identify, Popo thinks it won't stop them from voting in a way that makes them feel dirty.

With some extra insight into behavioural market analysis.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Here's a Jo Cox consipracy theory for you

Stupid me, I needed a larf, so I looked at Zerohedge this morning.

In response to KGB-funded neo-Nazi Martin Armstrong, I submit this alternative conspiracy theory:

Maybe the leave side is part of a secret conspiracy to sow unrest in Europe, funded by Putin. Maybe the conspiracy includes fomenting racist neo-Nazi sentiment, the way the Russians have explicitly done in Germany with AfD, whose leadership takes orders directly from Moscow.

Maybe the leave side is secretly conspiring with Moscow to weaken the UK by driving them out of the EU, in an attempt to set the European nations against each other, per good old-fashioned Russky zero-sum realist politics.

Maybe you're not the great glorious British Empire, but rather just a bunch of dumb fucking greedy clowns who still want to feel Thatcher's dick up your asses.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

der Spargel begs for France finmin Macron to pound his dick into their tight assholes like the filthy cumdumpsters that they are

der Spargel - watch us beg for Emmanuel Macron's cock in our tight assholes. My god, the flowery ingratiation goes on for paragraph after paragraph. Here's the title FFS:

Shooting Star: French Economics Minister Macron Means Business

He's a shooting star! Wow, he must be awesome! And he means business too! OMG he sounds so butch!

Here's the very first question they ask this business-meaning shooting star:

Mr. Macron, why are you so popular?

Why not also ask him why he is so wise, and why he writes such good books? Or do you guys fear the irony of Nietzsche?

In the 4th paragraph, the outright cockgobbling begins:

At age 38, Macron has the smooth face of a very young man, with harmonious, intelligent features. When he concentrates on something, as he does now, his eyes narrow slightly, "yeux de velours" -- velvet eyes -- as some articles in the French media describe them. It's an unusually gentle attribute for a politician, a sign of an equally unusual penchant that is attributed to him.

OMG he's so gentle! His features are harmonious and intelligent, like a Bach sonata or Ptolemy's model of the crystal spheres or something! And he has such velvet eyes! My god, is the author trying to write homoerotic libertarian porn?

"People probably like sincerity and honesty," he says.

Hint: if a fellow is being sincere and honest because people like it, then he's not being sincere or honest.

The willing throatfuck continues:

Macron has potential as a new standard bearer. His youth alone is a sensation in a country that has been governed for decades by a group of politicians who all seem to look alike, with the same faces, the same names and the same résumés. He succeeds over and over in striking the right tone. He can sound conciliatory, but also brash and demanding. But he always remains polite and never raises his voice.

Spiegel is making him out to be more and more a handsome young rent-boy with every sentence. I mean seriously, this reads like a backwoods sodomist's Justin Bieber fanfic, doesn't it? I mean, that was paragraph fucking twelve FFS, and I still haven't seen anything about his policies, just repeated throatfuck noises. Who the hell is this guy?

But how, and for whom, will he put this potential to use? Macron has rapidly risen to rather dizzying heights, and this is a reflection of his success -- and of how far he could fall again. But it doesn't make him humble. In a recent speech, he somewhat shamelessly compared himself to Jeanne d'Arc, locked in a fearless battle to promote new ideas and overcome ossified structures.

Oh fuck god come on. Bend over further why don't you. He still can't see your small intestine.


France, says Macron, may appear to be stuck, but his country is not incapable of reform: "There are a number of Frances," and most French want to live in a modern country, he says, adding that "those who are currently protesting constitute a small minority."

Ah... wait. I think I see what's coming down the pipe.

The problem is that until now this minority has managed to paralyze the country.

Yup. Knew it.

And there you have it. Spargel spent fifteen whole paragraphs sucking Macron's cock because he's out to smash the unions, and the German kleptocracy represented by Spargel loves anyone who smashes the unions. So they suck his tiny shrivelled Thatcherite banker's penis for fifteen paragraphs.

What's so fucking pathetic about the Germans is they can foist this garbage on their readership with a straight face. I guess most Germans are such low-grade morons that they don't see the utter embarrassing hilarity of their own press.

Some news, and a confession

I confess.

It's filthy and perverted of me, I know. Most of you will call my secret predilection sick and unnatural.

But I love it.

I love doing calculus homework.

FFS keep me away from your children.

And here's the news:

Calculated Risk - LA port traffic increased in May. But keep selling S&P, you idiots.

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators show no dooooom yet. But keep reading doomer blogs, you clowns.

Mainly Macro - why the UK will vote to leave. Because they're racist fuckers. I mean, this is what their news media have been running for the past few months:

Then again, maybe the senseless murder of a 41-year-old mother of two by a loony UKIP asshole will make the fucking idiots in the UK see sense?

PS I guess the Express must have a fantastic classified escorts section in their paper to be able to sell for 10p. Seriously, what the fuck can you buy for 10p?