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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some Wednesday news

Congratulations to that guy from Sweden who's now visited this blog 2000 times. Molodets!

Here's some news:

New Deal Demoncrat - watch out for corporate profits. He thinks corporate profits as share of GDP is indicative of a top, I guess. I say that rather, it's indicative of the new trend as the corporate kleptocracy has stolen an ever-larger share of income for themselves. In any case, I guess he doesn't like the S&P right now.

WaPo - millions of Americans think the government is their enemy. I posit that this is because the head of their government is black. Oh, and also, remember this when you read the ravings of the Tea Party loons:
Mother Jones is also reporting that Ammon Bundy's truck repair business benefited from a $500,000 federal small business loan with an estimated cost to taxpayers of $22,000.
Right-wingers are the biggest fucking welfare bums in the country.

IMF - Maury Obstfeld says watch out for EM volatility. Yeah, no kidding? He seems to be about a year behind sentiment here.

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