Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday dooooom, but also news, but mostly dooooom

Market opened at a lower low, and has been trying to fight back through the Thursday morning low. Doesn't look good, I guess more people still want to sell.

So here's the dooooom, er... nooooos:

Bespoke - some AAII sentiment data. Man, it looks bleak.

Tim Duy - we're not in a recession. Good luck pushing on that string dude.

Econbrowser - we're not in a recession. Good luck banging your head thru that brick wall dude.

Tim Duy - we're not in a recession, part II: the not-in-a-recessioning. Good luck pissing into that wind dude.

New Deal Demoncrat - has anyone mentioned we're not in a recession? Good luck turning back that herd of Norwegian lemmings driven towards a cliff by unscrupulous documentary filmmakers dude.

Dani Rodrik - public investment in infrastructure is how you get growth. Good luck convincing the Republitards dude.

WaPo - schools still beat children in some states: guess what race they are? That's not even a real challenge, is it?

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