Thursday, January 28, 2016

And now, the news

Some stuff:

Tim Duy - the lack of dispersion in US weakness. One shitty little sector does not cause a US recession, especially when its entire business plan has been to parasitically drain the wealth away from the rest of the nation.

Econbrowser - can lower oil prices cause a recession? No. No they can't. Oh, so what about the correlation between oil prices and the US stock market then, you ask? Well:

Polemic's Pains - correlations work right up until they don't. And when they don't, you get to make a fuck of a lot of money from the senseless algos that take positions based on correlations without a thought as to market size or the ability to exit. So when's that going to happen? Well:

New Deal Demoncrat - the big trends of 2015 seem to be abating. At some point the bullshit will end and the doomer clowns with amateur newsletter hobbies will go back to blathering incompetent crap about the evils of fractional reserve banking.

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