Friday, December 11, 2015

Finland's experiment in basic income

Vox - Finland's experiment in basic income. This is an exciting idea, not just from a redistributive point of view, but even from a traditional (not-stupid) conservative one: if you institute a basic income, then you can eliminate a huge number of bureaucratic jobs dedicated to administering the various programs.

Though I would suggest that Finland monitor consumer staples prices in the pilot project communities: as the poorest end of the spectrum becomes less poor, it seems prices for staples (rent, basic food) skyrocket. Because a limit to these prices (i.e. all the consumers being fucking dirt-poor) gets lifted.

Then again, I expect Finland doesn't have the same kind of abject poverty we have in North America, where people have so little money that they're stuck living on a sack of budget pasta for 2 weeks out of the month, assuming they can carry it home 2 miles from a grocery store, and there are large segments of the population who can't even amass the few dollars' worth of savings necessary to open a bank account.

Personally, I like basic income from an anarchist standpoint: the State should be required to pay citizens bribes for our continued approval.

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