Monday, July 27, 2015

Some Monday news

Some news:

Barkley Rosser - are China's problems responsible for recent market slides? Now, he's only an economist, not a China watcher, but this bit is funny:
A final point regards the stock market bubble story. While Dean Baker sneered at the story from the NYTimes, an aspect not reported by them or him, but in Wargent reports and some other sources says that the methods used by the Chinese government in its efforts to halt the stock market slide (so far successful) were very extreme, including simply forbidding many stocks from being sold, and also forcibly confining stock dealers in rooms until they engaged in purchasing some stocks, with portions of the market still shut down with no transactions allowed.
I can just imagine how terrified the typical White-ass honky trader is when he hears a story like that!

New Deal Demoncrat - weekly indicators. Meanwhile the US is still doing fine.

Jojo - gold miners nearing rebound. Yet he still thinks gold hits $1000. Get back Jojo!

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