Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Retail sales: see if you can spot the difference!

Here's a lesson in bullshitting selective presentation of data nah outright bullshitting to get clicks.

Exhibit 1:

BI - retail sales flop. Quote:
It was a big miss for retail sales in June.

Retail sales fell 0.3%, and excluding autos, sales fell 0.1%, according to the Census Bureau's advance estimate.
OMG we all gonna die! Iz horbl!

Exhibit B:

Calculated Risk - retail sales decline 0.3% in June. Quote:
Retail and Food service sales ex-gasoline increased by 3.5% on a YoY basis (1.4% for all retail sales).
Wait... up 3.5% yoy? That's... um... not so bad, is it?

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