Monday, July 13, 2015

Pure TA: Blackberry

I've spent enough time following 1990s tech charts to know that tech stocks don't obey TA. But even still, if you ignore the ticker and concentrate on the squiggles, this isn't half bad:

On the daily chart, BBRY is bouncing back from a sub-20 RSI(14). MACD might just cross over positive.

All that crap really only means momentum might change soon. And simply a breakout in the QQQ might drag this along with it.

And here's the weekly:

Ignore the ticker and look at the price near Spring 2014 support. Then look at weekly RSI(14) bouncing back from the low 30s.

Usually these low RSIs indicate a stellar buy point. We'll see what happens in Burberry's Blackberry's case.

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