Thursday, July 16, 2015

My god it's full of stars: an online derivative calculator

My god, I just found an online derivative calculator.

Try it out if you're interested.

Online Derivative Calculator

I searched for it cos I was tired of spending literally hours finding fxx, fxy and fyy partial derivatives for one stupid homework question.

If stuff like this had existed in the 80s, I'd never have dropped out of science. Which is a good thing.


  1. Hopefully you can use it on the final.

    1. Math is one class I don't care about. I have 28 of 31 available marks so far, and so I need 22 more out of 69 to pass.

      I don't need a good mark in it because economics doesn't require calculus. Or really math.

      Seriously, this class is half of what you learn in the science stream's 1st-year calculus class, except taught easier, and yet it's the class they "strongly urge you to take if you're going on to graduate study".

    2. Sounds like you'll probably manage to pass. Also, you don't ever really need a good mark in anything as long as you pass*, because no worthwhile employer ever is going to ask.

      *Exception being, as you note, going on to graduate study...