Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Krugman gets German hatemail (and I don't, snif)

Well, K-dog, this is what you get when you criticize people for being doctrinaire, ignorant, imperialistic and... well... typically German:

Krugginator - I get German hatemail. Quote:

Basically, the incoming missives take two forms:

1. Obscenities, in both English and German

2. Bitter accusations of persecution, along the lines of “As a Jew you should know the dangers of demonizing a people.” Because criticizing a nation’s economic ideology is just like declaring its people subhuman.

The latter is hilarious. German politicians, press, and apparently even the masses in general conversation have spent the past several years demonizing their Mediterranean fellow Eurozone nations for being corrupt, and lazy, and selfish, and untrustworthy.*

It's even more hilarious because in living memory the Germans were actually demons, who murdered 20 million people and left all of Europe a smoking ruin, and who got onboard the Euro project early as an attempt to petition to rejoin the human race.

Again, these are letter-writers, and hardly representative. But Germany’s sense of victimization does seem real, and is a big problem for its neighbors.

Yes, because the last time the Germans felt all victimized they murdered 20 million people and left all of Europe a smoking ruin.

* - But not in the German way of being corrupt (taking payoffs for arms deals, working with murderous third-world dictators, bailing out banks with taxpayer money), lazy (not lifting a fucking finger to help the poor), selfish (thinking the entire Eurozone is German property and not willing to share power with anyone but a French puppet state), or untrustworthy (being unable to be left in a position of power without fucking everything up).

Each of these is a universal human sin, but yet the Germans consider themselves so damn saintly. That's the essence of their national malignant narcissism.



    "Of course, when you understand the internal rebalancing problem within the common currency system you can’t help but feel bad for Greece. And that’s what makes Germany’s recent actions so frustrating. There will always be “Greece” in the common currency. For instance, if you kick Greece out then someone else will become the heavily indebted current account deficit country on the other side of Germany’s current account surplus. They won’t be able to devalue their currency so they’ll borrow to make up the difference between the lost income outflows and domestic demand. And that will go on until it can’t and Germany will throw a hissy fit at that country and kick them out. Rinse wash repeat until Germany kicks everyone out and returns to the Deutschemark which will trade at a huge premium to the rest of Europe and they’ll likely see a huge reversal in many of the last decade’s positive economic trends…..This is truly a case of Germany wanting to have its cake and eat it too."

    1. Yup.

      Please add btw that by the time Germany has kicked everyone out, they will own the entire rest of Europe and everyone else will have been impoverished.

      It's setting up well for a 22nd-century war of annihilation in Europe. Tell your grandkids to move far away, like New Zealand.