Monday, June 1, 2015

Turns out I was right

No, not about the gold, though this might just be a first-of-the-month selloff by people (Whiteys mainly) who don't want to hold gold through the summer.

I was right about Japan versus the Qs:

That's the chart of a (CAD-hedged, I think) TSX-listed Japan ETF versus the TSX-listed double-long Nasdaq ETF.

It's very noisy, but if you look at the SMA(50) it tells you that it's been wiser for me to hold currency-hedged Japan than for me to be double-long Nasdaq, since the winter at least.

So I feel good that (at present, anyway) my instinct was rewarded.

Cashed up a bit today, but I have to transfer money over to my sheltered accounts, so I can't actually buy anything, I have to wait for settlements.

Will be light on posting til maybe Tues night: have a test tonight, then work tomorrow.

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