Saturday, June 20, 2015

Stonekettle Station on the Republican death spiral

I wanted to see what he had to say about Charleston, but Jim just reposted the same gun violence post he's posted after every other attack. I'd really like to see him say something about racism in the USA.

Anyway, he did post this recently, which is fun:

Stonekettle Station - death spiral. Here's how he starts it off:

This is the best Conservatives can offer America.

This cast of paranoid clowns, religious pimps, and suicidal fanatics.

I look at the GOP candidates for president [and] I think, seriously? This, this right here, this is the best you can do?

If Jeb Bush was an airplane, it would be like attempting takeoff with one engine on fire.

Bush opens his bid for President this coming Monday with an underfunded campaign in disarray and already in damage control mode to the accompaniment of headlines that keep using the phrase “Failure To Launch.”

Starting out on the defensive? Not really the most auspicious beginning for the scion of a hereditary political dynasty and the guy who was supposed to pull Republican chestnuts out of the fire.

Still, that's better than Mike Huckabee, who apparently doesn't actually know anybody who isn’t under investigation. These two are the GOP's front runners, that’s right, the Stephen Baldwin of the Bush family and a guy who pals around with child molesters. [...]

Damn, it must be hard living in Alaska. Go read the rest of it.

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