Monday, June 1, 2015

One more chart: SLV

Here's SLV:

 Gee, isn't it awfully convenient that:

1. SLV is printing what looks at this moment like an island reversal (circled)?
2. The island reversal happened at the end of the month because of a PM OpEx smackdown?
3. That SLV didn't continue lower after the smackdown, but stayed well-behaved?
4. That the island reversal just happened to be at the previous late-April-early-May pivot (horizontal line)?
5. That the island reversal also happened right on the SMA(50)?

It could still end in tears, of course. $16.50-$16.75 is where SLV has failed constantly since February.

But as long as silver acts like this, I'm going to use it as a tell against gold price moves.

BTW Indians start buying round now, don't they?

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