Monday, June 15, 2015

Little bits of observations

Some things I've been hallucinating:

1. Gold miners seem to get sold off when broader US equities are sold off. That's interesting, because there's no particular reason to sell US equities, so the miners sell off on similarly no good reason. Sucks to see the weakness, but it's a good setup if things improve later.

2. Silver today looks like it's suggesting gold will go higher. I doubt people are buying and selling silver to speculate on Greece or the US Fed, so that's a slightly honest indicator.

3. The US market still seems to be piddling its pants about a June rate hike, even though it's not happening. I just have to wonder if it'll go anywhere this summer, once the June meeting is past: people then will be piddling their pants about September, and so on. Oh well; long-term it's better to own US equities than to not.

I have some studying to do today for a test, so posting will be light.

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