Thursday, June 25, 2015

Let's make all Republicans' heads assplode with one single chart

BI (bless 'em, the click-whores) just printed a chart that we can use to piss off all Republicans, neocon bloggers, hard-money whackaloons and goldbug clowns.

You wanna see it? I'll show it to you.

Take a seat.

OK? Are you ready?

click through....


I'm sure the neocon whackaloons in the blogosphereflatearth will spin it as "blah blah conspiracy money-printing lizard people Bernanke fiat Zimbabwe von Mises hyperinflation Ron Paul".

But (and here comes the extra irony for those in the know) it is what it is. There has been no massive repudiation of debt, and no dishonest system came apart at the seams.

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