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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Cookie Monster and Vanessa Collette

Cookie really sticks out at the Vancouver Cambridge House thingie, by actually being there:

Cookie still feels the gold price has a good future when the world realizes the discovery system isn't replacing the ore that we're mining.

He also disses the Russians. Hey Cookie, burned much by Lydian?

Anyway, personally I think Vanessa's way cuter than Daniela Cambone but what do I know. Nobody ever searches my blog to find out if Vanessa Collette is married.


  1. She's interviewing the potted plant next... it's doing a 5 cent financing and swears that management aren't just living the Vancouver lifestyle on the backs of unsuspecting shareholders. No sir, they've got a real plan to turn that potted plant into GOLD, just like most junior explorecos!