Friday, May 29, 2015

Some more reading

Some more reading for tonight:

Calculated Risk - Q1 GDP revised down to -0.7%. And it's good to remember that Q1 ended in March, so it has already been priced into the market.

New Deal Demoncrat - corporate profits down somewhat sharply. Well, there's only so much rent you can extract from the market. I was freaked out by this and inspired to sell some of my US holdings this morning, but then I checked and I've actually got most of my money in Japan right now. Seems like the better idea.

Economist's View - Krugman on the insecure American. And it's true, you shouldn't expect anyone with over $1M in his bank account to have the slightest clue how life is among the peasants.

Rortybomb - and nothing will replace public higher education. And so the USA slits its own throat by deciding it won't invest in human capital anymore. That's okay, I guess you guys can sew sneakers for the Mexicans in the future.

FT beyond brics - why are EM forex reserves in a sustained decline? Cuz, um, that's what happens in an EM secular bear market?

IKN - Dalradian pops at the close. Well, it popped on only 200k shares traded, so that tells you how thin the ask was on this stock. It had to move someday, so it moved today. We'll leave it til Monday to see if it really was just a fat finger, or whether instead there was maybe a bunch of Chinese businessmen seen hanging out near a hole in the ground in Ireland.

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