Monday, May 18, 2015

News avec nastiness

So one of the many roadblocks to me going back to my old job is that the corporation has now instituted this stupid policy where I'm asked to submit to a background check.

I'm not interested in that sort of bullshit, and my old boss at work didn't even know such a thing existed. Maybe my name is flagged because I refused to submit to a government security check a year ago in order to be carried on a staffing list for a border plaza.

I already notified my boss I'm not going to agree to a background check to go back to work with them, but I might just email the HR contact as well to stipulate that indeed I am an anarchist terrorist stalker with rage and alcohol issues, a criminal record and a tenuous grip on reality, and that I have ties to drug gangs, environmental terrorists, White Power skinheads, the goldbug movement and the Unabomber (and maybe the international Bolivarian socialist movement if IKN's anything to go by), and my boss needs me anyway so fuck you.

Anyway, here's the news:

FT Alphaville - OMG Chinas margin's verses free float is a thing now!!!1! Fuck it, if that's the best these roundeye barbarian analysts can do, then I'm buying China tomorrow.

Bonddad - John Hinderaker is a moron. Linked just cos I like when he slags people.

IKN - so how's your anium doing? Linked just cos I like when he slags people.

Bron Suchecki - no, JP Morgan isn't buying 350 million silver eagles. Linked just cos I like when he slags people.

Krugman - money, inflation, and models. About how expansion of the money supply doesn't automatically produce inflation if you know your Hicks. Linked just cos I like when he slags people.

BBC - German police assaulted migrants in Hanover cells. The part about forcing a Moroccan to eat pork was hilarious to me, because I'm entertained by the irony of Germans making oblique references to the Holocaust. I guess they don't teach 1933-1945 in history class anymore? Hm?

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