Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Dammit how's about that, eh?

CTV - NDP wins majority, ending 44 years of conservative rule.

Now, didn't I say something a few months ago about how the collapse in the price of oil was going to mean the end of Harper's career? Yes, I did. I said the Conservative era was over.

In the 2008 provincial election, the NDP won only 8% of the vote. The PCs got 53%, Wildrose (who were just old men yelling at clouds back then) 7%.

In 2012, the NDP still only got 10% of the vote. PCs 44%, Wildrose 34%.

This time round, the NDP won 40% of the popular vote. PC 28%, Wildrose 24%.

Why the big 30% switch?

The NDP, meanwhile, committed to tax hikes on the top 10 per cent of income earners, and corporations, in order to raise more money for health care and education. The party has also said it would re-examine fossil fuel royalties.

This is frickin' Alberta, the Texas of the north! People voted for higher taxes?

Maybe they realized that the oil patch has all dried up, and they'd rather make the rich start paying their fair share instead of balancing a budget by closing all the schools and hospitals?

Meanwhile, Justin you spineless little centrist bourgeois brat, the Alberta Liberals got slaughtered down to one seat.

Why is this result so important to Harper?

Because if you look at the Federal electoral map of Canada today, you see a lot of blue in rural Ontario, and then pretty darn well total solid blue from Manitoba to BC.

Now, for those of you who've forgotten the old days, Saskatchewan and Manitoba used to elect a fair number of NDPers. BC too, in the 80s. The Reform Party took a lot of those farmer-peasant votes and turned them into rural-hicks-scared-of-coloureds-and-homogays votes, and then brought them along when they took over the dried-out husk of the Conservative party.

If those Man-Sask-BC conservative votes are now back up for grabs, then hoo boy you're going to get one hell of a shock come October.

And, my theory was, they indeed are up for grabs, because of the end of the resource boom. Everyone votes conservative when they're raking in easy money from oil/potash/uranium - it's just like when you're born a billionaire, you're automatically right wing. But once times are tough and you actually have to start doing something for a living? Well then you suddenly turn pro-labour, don't you?

Nobody wants government to protect other people. Fuck, Conservative MPs don't even think the government is there to serve any Canadian who didn't vote Conservative!

But once the money dries up and you feel exposed, suddenly you want government to protect you. And so you vote for the party that hasn't been telling the people in your position before to go fuck themselves.

The NDP right now has over 100 seats. I have no clue if they've been grossly embarrassing themselves in Quebec; but if not, they have a chance this fall to keep those seats and gain another 20-40 out west in 2015.

Justin the spineless little centrist bourgeois brat has mid-30s. He's not going to win over 120 new seats anywhere. He might be able to pick up 10-20 in Ontario and out east.

Sorry Justin, but your only chance at power for the next ten years will be to support a minority NDP government.

Because the times, they are a-changing.

The conservative era of stupidity and resentment is over, and this election was the writing on the wall.

Maybe if you had the guts of your dad, Justin, but you don't.


  1. That more info about Canadian politics than I had previously absorbed in my entire lifetime.