Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A few other newsbits

A little more news:

Bespoke - ten-year yields spiking globally. I guess that's what you do when you're a hedge fund clown who expects OMG a 0.25% rise in the US rate sometime in the next year, right? But where the hell are they putting all this money that they're taking out of the bond market, I wonder? It's going to have to go somewhere, isn't it? I mean, if they want to earn a positive return?

Paul Krugman - John Taylor is a clown. The many failures of the Taylor rule that John Taylor refuses to admit to.

New Deal Demoncrat - about China data. NDD just rolls his eyes at what passes for China doompr0n now:
This morning NC's linkfest led me to an article about how Chinese shipping data shows were all DOOOMED.   That in turn led me to the HSBC Chinese factory PMI, which the latest clickbait at Business Insider telling me is in contraction, and at a one year low.  OMG!!!

Except when I go find a longer term graph of the HCBC Chinese PMI, here's what it shows:

Apparently Chinese manufacturing has been in a state of contraction, with respites of mediocre expansion, ever since 2011!  Pretty amazing for the secularly fastest-growing economy on the planet.
I'd take that as a reason to block Business Insider on your router to make sure you never read its childish garbage ever again, but whatever.

Perth Mint - positive and negative factors for gold outlook. Basically they don't know. Well, at least they mention China and India, that's nice of them.

Krugman - paranoia strikes derp. Texans are again worried that Obama is planning an invasion. No really. Of Texas. Fucking clowns.


  1. Did you read Stonekettle Station on this Texas thing?


    When I grow up, i'm going to blog like that.

    1. Dude, he's ex-military intelligence. You don't learn to be a blogger like him, they MAKE you into a blogger like him.