Thursday, May 7, 2015

A few more things to read

Stuff and junk and stuff:

Bespoke - NFP predictions on twitter. They're all hilariously low, and that's probably because twitter is full of right-wing idiots who have no faith in America.

Calculated Risk - US demographics are now improving. The largest cohort is now the 20-24s, and that is the cohort that you want to be driving homebuying and consumer spending. So tell me again how a crash is imminent.

FT Alphaville - the great turning point in bond markets, maybe. Yeah sure because all that capital has somewhere else to go. Keep selling, Whitey, your clients will always love you.

FT beyond brics - Austria ruling means Ukrainian corruption will continue. And of course we'll blame the Ukrainians for being ruled by criminals, and not blame Austria for being in bed with the criminals.

Bloomberg - flood of China IPOs. The big flood of new paper will take a while for the Chinese market to chew through, so the suggestion is that the upmove will be over for a while. Well, would you rather these companies raise $376B over the next week via the equity markets, or via shadow banking? See, that's why it's nice to have a strong equity market. - global silver output running low. Quote:
After over ten years of gains, global silver production is expected to drop this year, as new supply from projects won’t be sufficient to replace production losses from aging operations, a study released Wednesday shows.

According to the World Silver Survey 2015, published by The Silver Institute and Thomson Reuters GFMS, global silver output went up by 5% in 2014 to reach 877.5 million ounces, the 12th successive gain and a new record. This year, however mine supply is set to decrease.

“We’re just not seeing the investment in new mine capacity that would be needed to sustain continued record peak production,” Andrew Leyland, an analyst with GFMS who worked on the report, told The Street.
OK, good luck with that whole supply-demand thing.

IKN - this is what happens when you refuse to put on that dress. IKN says the uproar over Giustra's Clinton connections is karmic vengeance for his refusal to wear a dress in public. To which I have to reply: imagine the uproar in the NYT if he had worn that dress?


  1. Dude, karmic vengeance doesn't exist. It's just karma.

    Arrest this man, he talks in maths, he buzzes like a fridge. Hey, come to think of it that haircut of his has a bit of the Hitlers about it.

  2. (And by the way, that was me mentioning both Messi and Radiohead in one day thereby deliberately annoying only Iwnattos. Y'see, i do think about you)