Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday morning loony news

Here's some loony news for your reading pleasure:

U Washington - warm blob in Pacific linked to weird US weather. Not as erudite as you'd expect from scientists, but definitely doomy. OMG we all gonna die!

NY Times - credit card processor sets new minimum wage of $70K/yr. Perfectly fair, considering that even the lowly receptionist is contributing to the company's productivity. If only larger companies decided to be this enlightened, we could see 20 years of continuous US growth. But instead the Republican fascists in charge of the economy continually stamp down on the throat of the working class, then wonder why nobody's left to buy their junk. Hopefully we see a sea change in worker remuneration in the future.

Think Progress - Islamic extremists have seized control of American cities! Says some nutbar from the NRA. Wow, the conservative traditional sector of US society must really feel their way of life is under threat if they're this wound up over their folk demons.

And then there's this cartoon:

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