Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This market is hilarious

I love how market liquidity immediately vanished at 13:59:59.999, leaving the bots scrambling to and fro in an empty book, puking stocks then slurping that puke back up then puking again.

I was watching a South Park episode at the time. Good to know I didn't miss anything.

This is hilarious:

BI - the Fed says the slowdown is temporary and now the markets don't know what to think.

In reality, I betcha Janet stuck some funny keywords in there, like that time when the entire market was wondering when the word "considerable" was going to be removed from the statement, and so she removed the word "considerable" and then added a sentence saying "we removed the word 'considerable'", thus fucking up every single stupid robot connected to the market running a word filter on Fed releases.

I think it is a cardinal duty for a Fed boss to do as much as possible to make the algos lose a fortune.

It's just a coincidental bonus that she also makes stupid Republican idiots lose a fortune.

Face it, clowns! If everything you know about "economics" you learned from an Ayn Rand novel, or from Ron Paul's paid Soviet propaganda website, then you shouldn't be trading based on Fed commentary. Go play with Bitcoins in the kiddie pool and leave the market to grownups. You're only hurting yourself and your idiot Republican clients.

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