Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Michael Shaoul on Bloomberg two times

Bloomberg TV - Michael Shaoul TV interview. I tend to discount everything he ever has to say about the Fed, since if Shaoul actually knew so damn much about monetary policy he'd already be working there.

But then he gets into Asia and makes an interesting point: Western hemisphere economies are tossed about by US Fed policy, but in Asia the big fish has now become Chinese policy, and they've just started a loosening cycle.

Add in that Rajan is also looking forward to loosening over the next 2 years, and it might just be that EM and DM Asia together produce a big bull move.

That'd be neat, since I doubt anyone's really paying attention anymore.

Wonder what that would mean for gold demand btw.

Speaking of which,

Bloomberg - Michael Shaoul print interview. And by the way, he says Hong Kong shares are still quite reasonably priced, and he actually pays attention to this stuff unlike the idiot talking heads on CNBC.

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