Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Some Wednesday evening news

Some reading:

Calculated Risk - yes, Wall Street Whitey, the FOMC aren't idiots. And because of that you get a faceripper rally at 2PM.

New Deal Demoncrat - on hours, jobs and wages. Some stats for you to ponder. Also note gasoline might be slipping into a long-term bear market.

Ritholtz - signs of a bull market turning bear. You dumb fat asshole! You just bottom ticked a 5% retrace with a sell call! Seriously, you fucked up, Barry, and it might be partially because you're listening to that fucking clown Doug Kass.

Calculated Risk - household debt service levels now at a record low. That's the starting point of a secular bull market right there.

FT beyond brics - EM growth will disappoint for 5 years. Then again, the problem is that we're in a liquidity trap: so should we expect EMs to get crippled by negative flows? I mean, what if the UST10 stays at 2% yield for the next ten years: that shouldn't cause your usual EM bear market, should it? I dunno, I'm stuck here.

FT Alphaville - there is no corporate bond liquidity problem. Don't bother reading it - the reason I'm linking to it is to note that someone must obviously be thinking there is a corporate bond liquidity problem, and thus HYG getting puked.

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