Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quick market comment and Luciana

So I guess the market realizes the people at the FOMC aren't as fuckhead retarded as the Republican party that they vote for:

Happy to say I sold my HVI at a profit Monday when the market turned down, then bought back today at $28.93.

Fuck, playing the $VIX short is easy, eh?

QQQ has printed a great reversal, but IWM unfortunately is still in its downward spreading channel. So we'll have to see what the next couple days bring, eh?

More news later, sorry. I spent all day today listening to some dirty cougar electro from Luciana:

She was gettin' tricky tricky, so I was gettin' sticky sticky.

Then she made out with my best friend and stole my girlfriend. But she's still hot.

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