Friday, October 10, 2014

Ariel Rebel on a cooking show?

OK, so a bit of background - Ariel Rebel is Canada's greatest internet celebrity of the past 10 years. I'm her biggest fan so I say so.

She's also from Quebec.

So for some reason she's now doing videos on cooking with Pat Le Chef, and I just happened to stumble across these videos while not actually looking for Ariel Rebel at all, especially not videos of her on Youtube.

So I decided to share a few with you, to help instruct you in the finer points of Canadian culture, and also to freak out those of you who might have thought you knew what French sounded like.

First, here is a variation on Canada's national dish, Kraft Dinner:

And next, le meat loaf de holy shit, avec le half a packet de bacon (!!!).

The moutarde is also interesting, I'd never have thought of using moutarde.

And now for something really weird, pogos de cornflakes:

Hearing ingredients like "saucisses hot-dog" et "une tasse de cereale cornflakes" tossed around willy-nilly might really start hurting your brain, which is why we can be thankful that we can also check out Ariel's cute ass in this one.

There are probably other Pat Le Chef videos where Ariel's naked, but you'd never want to see that.


  1. I hope Pat Le Chef gets a good government handout for these videos, it would be the best spent tax dollars in Canada.

  2. Very informative website she has too.....