Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And while I have the BloomBORG's attention....

And while I have the attention of Barry Ritholtz, the flagship of Bloomberg's economics reportage, let's forward this:

IKN - Bloomberg rips off Setty without attribution. Where he links to Setty's twitter where we see this:

click to enbiggitate

Really, people. You're not even trying. If you want to baldly rip off content from a blog that uses statcounter to track traffic, you will need to surf to it with a script blocker.

I mean seriously. I know when Barry Ritholtz reads me on the Long Island train ride home. I know when Bobby Genovese reads me in his Miami Beach penthouse. I know when the OSC reads me in the rub & tug down the street from their rat-infested one-room office.

I know when BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (STICK THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT RITHOLTZ) reads my blog minutes after the Malaysian airliner got shot down by the Russians because dammit he just had to watch a Kylie Minogue video to brighten his day at that point.

I know their operating systems and their screen resolutions and their browsers and how they came to my page and whether they like animated kitten gifs or pics of Mila Kunis in her underwear.

Or both, of course. It's usually both. If they have any taste.

And all us bloggers do the same thing. We do it because we're paranoid and we like stalking people and you generally would never want to meet any of us in person even if you could be assured it was those 5 minutes of the day when we are unfortunately not drunk.

So wise the fuck up.

You should be running a script blocker anyway. Letting scripts run without examining them is a surefire way to get your ass hax0rd. And don't think your office's free AVG is going to protect you.

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