Sunday, September 21, 2014

WHAT HAPPENS TO GOLD IF GOLDMAN SACHS GETS WHAT IT WANTS?: John Kaiser says the answer will shock you!

Haven't heard much from Kaiser recently:

John Kaiser - what happens to gold if Goldman Sachs gets what it wants?

He obviously doesn't read my blog, because he thinks US equities are in a bubble and the USD economy is "just limping along".

So I guess he's gone back to the darkside.

This isn't late 1999, John; it's more like 1994. Oh, and John? Europe has always sucked.

You might also want to read Jim Rogers' Hot Commodities for a discussion of what happens to commodities and EMs when the US goes into a secular bull. I don't think he's ever explained the physics behind it (cos Rogers is still a bit of a nitwit who has no clue about economics), but it's easy enough to puzzle out for yourself.

It's yet another lesson in the importance of maintaining intellectual hygiene. You'll be led astray if you listen to even one goldbug whose pronouncements are in stark contrast with hard economic data.

By the way, 3Q14 is almost over, and I already have a scheduled article making fun of one wackaloon who predicted $875 gold by end 3Q14. Stay tuned!

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