Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday news

Gold opex is next week, so I guess we're still in the danger zone for the time being.

Here's some stuff:

New Deal Demoncrat - loosening the oil choke collar. He notes "we could see a new 35-year high in real wages within the next six months or so", as the price of oil drops. This, people, is what drives developed market secular bull moves.

New Deal Demoncrat - John Hinderaker can't even read a fucking graph. I enjoy this new NDD who goes out of his way to make fun of people. Need more of that on the internet.

FT beyond brics - banking the unbanked in India. I find it heartening from a goldbug perspective that while over a hundred million Indians have opened bank accounts, they haven't actually put any money in them.

FT beyond brics - three new engines of growth in China. And they can bring growth inland, unlike India, because China has excess capacity in modernized rail and road transport, while India still has dirt tracks. So China can grow its economy while India can't. But please do keep blathering on about how China's capital-intensive hard asset investment is bad, okay?

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