Thursday, September 11, 2014

SUREFIRE JUNIOR MINER INVESTMENT OF THE DECADE: you won't believe what it is - case against 26-year-old mining CEO dismissed. Here's the kid, Aaron Thomas:

Here's what the shareholders alleged:
Thomas, who was fired this year from the company he founded in 2010, was accused by the remaining shareholders of embezzling money to buy luxury cars, private jets, exotic vacations and $20,000 breast implants for his Brazilian fiancée, among other extravagant expenses.

Moral of the story?

No judge in the world will ever find you guilty of a crime if you invest in fake tits.*

Here endeth the lesson.

* - though I fail to see why a presentable 26-year old millionaire CEO can't find a hot Brazilian fiancee with real tits. 


  1. 20k for beast implants? They are either quintuple G's or filled with Cristal instead of silicone.