Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some Tuesday morning news

Up nice and early today, so here's some news before everything gets hectic:

BI - iron ore collapses below $80 a ton. It has nothing to do with falling demand, Sam Ro you fucking scenester retard: it has to do with the fact iron is such a plentiful commodity that you can go to Australia and mine it at a profit for $30 a ton. Fact is, Rio and Vale can build out production faster than the world can expand demand. Supply and demand, pencil-neck: look it up.

FT beyond brics - beware the end of the LatAm middle class boom. That's what happens at the end of a secular bull cycle in EMs. Wow, this has really become a meme only 2 years after I called it, eh?

Pragmatic Capitalism - why Warren Buffett is right to hate gold. Hey Cullen, does it have anything to do with opex being this week? Just wondering.

Pragmatic Capitalism - why is the price of gold falling? Maybe because it's opex this week, Cullen? Oh and quote:
Despite continuing QE and huge government deficits the price of gold has fallen 35% since its peak in 2011 and is down over 10% from its highs this year. Is there a logical explanation for this? I can’t be certain and I could be totally wrong, but [wharrgarbl]...
Is there a logical explanation for anything going down, Cullen? Yes there is. More sellers than buyers. If the price of anything goes down it's because there's more sellers than buyers. Smarten the fuck up, Cullen you twat.

Dread Central - researchers plan to open Dracula's cave, this probably won't end well. Um... that sounds like the bottom is in for silver. No really.

Daily Mirror - has Doctor Who become unsuitable for children? Ooh, Doctor Who is now too scary for your little precious snowflakes? Cue Chopper:

Liberty Voice - universe may be an illusion or hologram. Well if it was an illusion, I'd be happily open-married to Mila Kunis and Stacy Keibler. So I guess it must be a hologram, then? The universe does really seem to resemble something like this:


  1. I am going long stakes to the heart.

    That silver bullet shit is for werewolfs

    1. You're just bitter cuz you can't remember the last time you made money on a silver miner.