Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some evening news, including a real gem from Business Insider

Here's some evening news, in case anyone ever actually reads it:

BI - casino stocks surging on ignorant fantasy that China will stop its anti-corruption drive. The fuck? Do people actually believe that China's going to end its anti-corruption drive? Let me rephrase that: do people actually think the party leadership have all suffered strokes, and now the kleptocrats are again free to launder stolen money through Macau casinos? Linette Lopez, you're a fucking moron for submitting this.

Reuters - Indian monsoon ends with double-digit rain deficit. So the grain harvest will be smaller this year. But at least it's not a failure. Let's see what happens with el Nino next year.

Yahoo News - Iceland to host UN conference on women and gender equality - no women allowed. I don't see the innovation here: there have been men-only conferences on gender equality for a good five thousand fucking years.

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