Friday, September 19, 2014

SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR BITCOINS, LOSERS: you can imagine what happens next

FT Alphaville - ha ha, Buttcoin sucks. Quote:

This is Jean-Paul Rodrigue’s stages of a bubble chart:

This is a chart of the price of Bitcoin from the BoE:

See any resemblance?

I'm wondering what's going to be the next fad for clowns like Rahul Pal who hyped this buttcoin bullshit in the first place. I mean, he will really have to outdo himself to find a new crowd of ignorant followers after buttcoin collapses 99%.

Or are we about to witness the end of techno-libertarianism? Will that whole crowd have to go back to selling overpriced fake MREs? Is Jim Bakker actually ahead of the curve here?

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