Wednesday, September 10, 2014

OK, what did that fruitcake loser Raoul Pal do now?

Whenever I get a rash of hits for my Raoul Pal post of a year ago, I go to check out what this clown is doing now.

In case you don't remember, Mr. Bottom-Tick Raoul Pal predicted an imminent collapse of Western civilization. In fact, his prediction came out on 1 June 2012.

If you had shorted his idiotic, childish, infantile prediction and bought SPY, you would have made about a 57% profit since then. 65% if you'd bought QQQ. If you'd shorted $VIX with XIV, you would have made about 430%.

Raoul Pal basically bottom-ticked the one best day to buy the market in decades. You can truly make a fortune doing the exact opposite of what this buttmonkey says.

So what's this clown up to now?

BI - Mister Bottom-Tick Raoul Pal, the fucktard who got the past two years completely fucking wrong, is launching a "TV channel".

Awesome. You can apparently subscribe to his internet "TV channel" for $400 a year.

In fact, his special introductory rate is only $200 if you act quickly!

He thinks someone's going to pay $200 for a year of blather from some assclown who can't even get the market right?

Wait: let me clarify that.

He thinks someone's going to pay for the privilege of losing even more money by listening to this fucking clown.

The real crime here is that Joe Wiesenthal still gives this assclown free pixels for his idiotic ventures.

Hey Joe, David Icke is still around. Why don't you run a few articles on him too? I'm sure he must have a speaking tour that you can promote. Get him on the topic of how the economy is being manipulated by the planet Nibiru and Bohemian Grove, that'll be good for some clicks.

Or what about the Church of Scientology, Joe? Why not run an article on what they think of the economy? They'll instruct their membership to click on the article's ads a hundred times and all of a sudden your shitty website will be making money.

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