Thursday, September 11, 2014

Clive Johnson, please say hello to ignominy


On a weekly close below $1.90, B2Gold will suck big wobbly donkey dicks print an ominous lower low, and at that point every single shareholder who bought since October 2010 will be underwater.

Some will be underwater by 50%. Most will be underwater to the tune of 30% or more.

And they'll all see the lower low, and expect there to be more of a price drop to come.

So Clive, you were once great and all, I was your biggest fan, but in the words of Gary Oldman:

At this point it's your responsibility to identify the origin of your suckitude, and determine how you can stop sucking in the future. Cos right now you've disillusioned about $2.5B $2B $1.5B of gold miner capital.

Figure out how not to be the turd in the punchbowl, Clive.


  1. Does this mean the IWANTNATCHOS Clive Crush is over?

    Insert cheesy Taylor Swift breakup

    1. By your command