Thursday, September 25, 2014

Can we please sue Proctor & Gamble into the stone age now?

Washington Post - why dentists are speaking about about the plastic beads in your toothpaste.

Wait... what?!? I haven't seen the words "NOW WITH FUCKING POLYETHYLENE BEADS BECAUSE FUCK YOU IS WHY" on the toothpaste that I buy.

Oh, and they're non-biodegradeable too?

So I'm dumping non-biodegradeable plastic into Lake Ontario every time I brush my teeth, as are the other 5 million or so people in the watershed?

Was I supposed to be spitting into a garbage receptacle all this time?

Fuuuu. ck.

Can we please sue Proctor & Gamble into the fucking stone age now? I mean, did they realize they are now on the hook for cleaning all the plastic out of every fishery and fresh water source in the world? Who's the fucking genius who thought this up?

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  1. People eat margarine; that's pretty much plastic in a fridge tub. Maybe I should brush my teeth with margarine.... hmm.