Sunday, August 31, 2014

Roger O'Donnell on the recording of Disintegration

So I stumbled across this bit of trivia:

Roger O'Donnell - memories of Disintegration.

It's the keyboardist for the Cure back then, talking about joining the band and recording an album with the Cure.

I wish more of the old guard would write stuff like this.


  1. I wonder how many could actually remember what the hell even happened? Even Roger had problems it seems.

    I was mildly disappointed to find out that they all had quite a good time recording. I always thought it was quite the opposite.

    1. Well, in reality, they all had a good time except Tolhurst.

      I thought it was interesting that O'Donnell was living in Toronto.

      A lot of these people were in Canada at one point - apparently Slowdive and Chapterhouse showed up in my town one time because one of the band members (who lived in the area) was getting married.

      They never showed up at my gigs though.