Saturday, May 11, 2013

An electronic music documentary that actually has Juan Atkins?

Any electronic music documentary has to feature people like Juan Atkins, Afrika Bambaataa, Alec Empire and Genesis P. Orridge, otherwise it's not an electronic music documentary.

Unfortunately this one still has too many deck jockeys and not enough people actually making music.

Still, it's my viewing for tonight.

Death Day's "After Dark"

Screechy guitar noise meets batcave beats, yet again.

A Genesis documentary from 1981

Not enough Steve Hackett and Ant Phillips, but still a fun 90 minute watch. They even have the good sense to end it before Abacab.

Blouse's "Videotapes"

The kind of music you wish you could find in your dusty collection of warbly old cassettes.

Ottotrans: Barkerville Gold edition

Hey, remember Barkerville Gold? Seems they put out a handy-dandy Friday night news release! Let's see what it says:

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - May 10, 2013) - Barkerville Gold Mines Ltd. ("Barkerville" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:BGM)(IWUB.F) wishes to provide a report on the status of its proposed technical disclosure review response to the cease trade order (the "CTO") issued by the British Columbia Securities Commission (the "BCSC") as disclosed in the Company's press release dated August 15, 2012.

Technical Review

On May 2, 2013, Barkerville submitted a comprehensive response letter and an updated technical report on its Cariboo Gold Project (the "Updated Technical Report") to the BCSC for its review in connection with the CTO. The Updated Technical Report Draft, co-authored by Peter T. George, P. Geo., of Geoex Limited ("Geoex"), Ivor W.O. Jones, FAusIMM(CP), of Snowden Mining Industry Consultants Inc. ("Snowden"), and Michael B. Dufresne, M.Sc., P. Geol, of Apex Geosciences Ltd. ("Apex"), was intended to replace the technical report filed by the Company in August 2012, and to address the disclosure issues raised by the BCSC. Snowden and Apex are independent mining and geological consulting firms that have not previously reported on the Cariboo Gold Project.

On May 9, 2013, the BCSC issued a further comment letter to the Company on the Updated Technical Report. The Company, Snowden, Geoex and Apex are currently working to address the BCSC's comments.


It took us nine months for us to get two geologists to work on Geoex's fantastic and remarkable 10Moz resource estimate.

The BCSC took seven days to review the submission and find something to comment on.

Barkerville Gold is impressed with the fast turn-around we receive from the BCSC. We hope to relist before the Hennessy runs out.

Hey, here's a question for the market pros... when a CTO spans mandatory reporting season, does the CTOed company have to also file its YE financials before relisting? Or do they get a mulligan on that?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Os Ovni's "Flash of Light"

Again, more strange electronic weirdness.

GDXJ 3-line break charts

I still don't understand 3-line break, but I guess the idea is that if GDXJ were to finish above 12.13, that would indicate at least the vague possibility of a temporary upward countertrend?

But according to the weekly, you'd need a finish above 13.99 for the same.

That's way the hell up there. Those 2 both more-or-less correspond to the candlestick chart's Bollinger Mean and SMA(50). Heh heh. The GDXJ moving above its SMA(50)? That'd be funny.

I guess we'd need gold to move up then, right? So what do the 3-line-break charts for gold look like?

GLD would need to get to 144. This recent rebound hasn't seen it go above 139.2.

And 153 or so for a weekly uptrend.

Tales of interest

Cognitive Concord - the most hated high in history. Big long article with a lot of intelligent ideas included, please read.

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - two market extremes to be aware of. Leverage is high and it's a breadth thrust. He notes leverage is only used by hedge funds, and they think they have to be levered to catch up to SPY, which has been grossly outperforming every fucking one of them because they're nothing but a fucking herd of lemmings.

Daily Beast - how the US budget deficit is disappearing. Growth and higher taxes. That's what you use to reduce a deficit. By the way - Bush's tax cuts were instituted because Clinton's deficit reduction had put the US into surplus, and the Rethuglicunts asserted that the US in a surplus was dangerous for world financial markets for some reason. Just wanted you to remember.

FT beyond brics - Indian industrial output up, but growth weak. God, someone please hold an election over there and fix the situation, please!

Mineweb - commodity ETPs see record outflows in April. Cuz... deflation? EM collapse? What? Seriously, what? Was it just another fucking hedge fund stampede like what drove Apple down from $600 to $400?

Mineweb - silver outlook dims. Apparently there's a massive oversupply of silver? When did that happen?

FT beyond brics - China's love of gold not going anywhere. Brilliant article that gives me the cultural data about gold in China that up til now I didn't really have. Here's an excerpt:

For Chinese people, no other material item on earth so epitomises wealth, prosperity and family tradition. And (rightly or wrongly) it is also regarded as an insurance policy, currency hedge, inflation hedge and international currency all rolled into one. Why?

Pure gold bars and pieces of jewellery saved entire families during times of crisis, famine and war in 20th century China, ensuring precious grains of rice or safe passage. Gold given as dowries launched successful business empires when grooms needed start up funding throughout the last two or three centuries. A few generations ago people didn’t believe in banks and often didn’t even buy real estate, much less invest in stocks. Gold was, well, the gold standard.

As a result of its lustrous past, gold is still given at weddings and at newborn celebrations today. Over 90 per cent of today’s Chinese brides receive pure gold in one form or another at their weddings. Anything less than 24 carat gold, particularly when it is dragged down by gemstones, is just jewellery. Sadly, it has no other purpose and retains only 10 per cent of its retail value at pawn shops. By contrast, pure gold has a daily market buy and sell rate, more often than not discreetly posted in most jewellery shops throughout Asia. - McEwen prays hopes is fucked unless thinks gold stocks will rise in 2013. Here is his hopeful assertion:

He trotted out an interesting statistic: a gold price phenomena he called the White House effect, which has been noted by some analysts in the past. With one exception, since 1984 gold shares have fallen in every US election year, McEwen said, as they did last year. The year that follows, however, gold shares have risen.

That would be this year, of course.

“If you use the AUX index they have risen between 10 and 80 percent in the years that have followed a presidential election in seven of eight periods,” McEwen said. “The one year they went down was during Bre-X and it pulled the whole sector down.”

In McEwen's estimation this year will not be the second exception since 1984.

“There's a high probability gold shares are going to be higher at the end of the year than the beginning of the year,” he said.
Well Bobby, let's certainly hope!

Up the Bear Creek Mining without a paddle?

So they have one of the world's 5-6 largest silver mines that'll be built in the next 5 years, with very positive community relations, somewhere around $60-$70M cash (dunno, it was $75M last fall), apparently 4.8 billion pounds of P&P lead and zinc as a kicker if you're not into silver, and still some vague possibility that they get something from Humala for walking away from Santa Ana.

Basically, throw away Santa Ana and and ignore all the silver, and you still have a lead & zinc mine going for 2 cents a pound.

And yet,

It's 20% below its SMA(50) and not interested in getting huggy-cuddly with the concept of "up".

Maybe cos Sprott already owns 9.95% of BCM (or did a while ago) and can't buy any more.

Certainly it seems nobody any longer believes the bullshit buy calls coming out of Canaccord and Raymond James anymore, even if they're a good call in this case.

Friday videos - Superchunk

I never really liked the rest of Superchunk's songs, but I really did love this one.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

IO Echo's "Outsiders"

Kinda neat and spacey video.

Good luck with Corvus, you'll need it

PS Dave says he'd be happy to see the backside of Corvus at $0.74.

Looking at this chart, that would be the nearest that this "stock" would have approached its SMA(50) since the heady and hopeful days of January.

Heck, $0.74 would even be a higher high after a higher low. Doesn't seem to be one of them on this chart either.

I think you've been staring at the backside of Corvus for too long already.

Some noonday noos

Calculated Risk - California revenues $4.6 billion ahead of projections for April. What if State and local employment has now bottomed out?

Does that mean the US is about to collapse in a puddle of doom? Or... see new growth spurred by the states?

After all... a lot of things have been subtracting from US growth. Europe, deleveraging, State cutbacks, federal cutbacks, Rethuglicunts. What if they are done now?

Ritholtz - Exuberance? Euphoria? Hardly! As he notes:
While I keep hearing some people claim there is an excess of giddiness, please excuse me for failing to see it. My frame of reference is the 1999-2000 top, and I certainly do not see anything remotely resembling that sort of sentiment. We cannot say it even resembles the 2007 top.

Remember the Dow 10,000 hats on CNBC? The insane expense accounts, lavish spending? The forecasts of Dow 36,000? In 1999, the nonstop media coverage of markets resembled a home team making it to the Superbowl or World Series. Stocks had become the hottest sport there was. You could not attend a cocktail party or BBQ without the conversation turning to tech names doubling and tripling.
So quit your top-calling, doomers. It only makes you look stupid. Or... keep top-calling in hope that one day, 15 years from now, you get it right and can gloat about how you kept your money in silver and ammo while the Dow went up 3000%.

Howard Lindzon - what if the markets are undervalued? He sees the promise of tech stocks while other people blather about imminent dooooom.

WaPo - China to mediate Middle East talks? This is an interesting development for Kaiser followers: is China responsibly stepping up to become a global leader in soft power? Did the US gently remind them that they no longer want to subsidize oil prices with military spending when China's the big importer, and the US has become fuel self-sufficient? And how long will it take China to lose their patience with the idiotic perpetual race-war of the Middle East?

Low Sea's "Berlin"

Again, more of that great stuff of the kids of today.

A few interesting charts

Josh Brown thinks materials are about to break out and overperform. I guess his personal love is Dupont.

But hey, ags are materials too, aren't they?

Agribusiness ETF looks like it wants to break out.

Potash Corp looks like it's really taking off. Plus the anal ysts all are neutral towards it with low target prices, so maybe it makes some more money by embarrassing the professional blatherer crowd.

POT's also been upping its dividend every six months. Now seems to yield 2.5%. I dunno, maybe that means they're throwing off tons of cash that they don't know what to do with? You think?

Caterpillar and Deere both make farmy-related things. CAT seems to have a bigger hole to dig itself out of, while DE looks to be close to trying for a breakout.

What really interests me after writing this article is how much these four charts utterly disprove the "imminent deflationary spiral and EM collapse" theory. Cos you don't buy tractors and fertilizer in an imminent deflationary collapse and EM spiral or whatever.

Are the miners bottoming? Who cares!

SLV and GLD aren't looking particularly positive today, but the miners' indices seem to be even so far. Weird.

Did we just see GDX:GLD bottom out this month?

A pop above the EMA would be significant, if only because the ratio hasn't been above that EMA for about 6-7 weeks now.

I'd consider it more positive if this godforsaken asswipe of an industry managed to actually put in a positive trend versus gold.

I mean seriously. This ratio GDX:GLD has lost 25% (0.28 to 0.21, convenient easy math for you) since January.

Feel free to forward this email to every mining executive you know, with the subject line "YOU SUCK AND HERE'S WHY".

For those who were sorry to see Atico run away on them....

Remember all those stocks you were kicking yourself for not buying, just a few months ago?

Seems when you have a vomit party in the junior miners, you get a second chance to buy them.

ATY hit some big lens of copper and gold or something, and then popped in price.

I checked thru Stockhouse and it doesn't look like they've misplaced their fancy deposit anywhere, though apparently subsequent holes weren't as flashy? I dunno, due diligence is for newsletter writers.

Anyway, if you were kicking yourself for not buying before it launched to $1, here's your second chance. Though then again, maybe it pukes down to $0.10 and you can buy it cheaper. Or maybe it was always a mistake to initiate a buy and hold in this stock.

Let's see if I can jinx National Bank of Geese

Well, this is a nice change from the goldbug world....

The previous spike was when they announced their recapitalization plan, which meant they were no longer going to go to $0.00. This might have frightened Wall Street, but I'm used to dealing with chickenshit worthless companies who run dilutive financings, aren't I?

Seems I bought on the retest of the EMA(16), cos my price is around 91 cents. Got $5000 worth, assumed the retest would be successful and lead to a launch.

I have no clue what it's actually worth but I'd be interested in sticking around with it to see if it can get back up to $1.60. Though 2-3 years ago it was worth over $10.

Oh I also own some GREK, as well as EWI and EWP.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tearist's "Civilization"

Again with the electronic minimalism.

She called S&P 1600 and you didn't.

Here's Mila Kunis not having sex with Natalie Portman.

She called S&P 1600 while you doomers thought the US was about to collapse because of your evil negro Muslim president.

Still Corners' "I Wrote In Blood"

Probably about the darkest most obsessive love song I've heard in a long time.

Coal, steel and copper

Copper seems good.

Coal seems good.

Steel seems good.

Where's this supposed deflationary spiral, emerging market catastrophe, and commodity collapse again?

Mila Kunis versus the neo-Nazi right wing, part one

Here are two of the sites that called March 15th the "Mila Kunis Top":

Daily Beast - When Celebrities Like Mila Kunis Talk Stocks, It’s Time to Get Out of the Market

WSJ - Five Reasons Mila Kunis Shouldn’t Be Buying Stocks Now

If your shitty blog was on this bandwagon, this is an example of what shitty company you keep.

By the way... Mila is young. She probably kept all her money in cash until this year because she was busy making movies, and didn't really know what to do with it other than party. So what's such a big deal that she suddenly switched to stocks? She's getting older and thinking about the future, and she realized that grown-ups invest in stocks.

And also?

She's still hotter than you.

To all those who mocked Mila Kunis

If you're one of those clowns who dissed Mila Kunis and called her a top indicator, I'm going to track down your shitty fucking blog and expose your arrogance for the whole world to see.

But until then, here's a snarky JPG from the Borkmeister:

We already knew she's more beautiful than you. (not exactly my type, but still has an attractive personality.)

We also know (and celebrate regularly) that she has done more hot lesbian sex scenes with Natalie Portman than you.

Add to that, she's now been proven smarter than you.

In your fucking face, Mila-doubters.

Some morning news

Marketwatch - four reasons from JP Morgan that "sell in May" won't work this year. Each is an important point.
  • the commodity sell-off is not a deflationary warning, but a sign of increased purchasing power to come.
  • there will not be a US double-dip scare this year, because the data (if you follow Calculated Risk and Bonddad, and not right-wing neo-Nazi clowns) is very positive and the leading indicators are trending vaguely positively.
  • the hedge funds expect a correction and they're always wrong. 
  • the ECU periphery is stable this year.
Now, I find it somewhat unbelieveable to think we could get a 30-40% rise in the S&P 500 over 2013; but then again, we did see a 35% pop in 1995, which was also a time when people were scared that rising interest rates would crush the US.

Bespoke - modest relief at the pump. And lower gas prices are a benefit for the US consumer. And the US consumer drives the economy. You do the math.

FT Alphaville - the danger in China reforming its currency and interest rates. The verdict is better long-term prospects, but more downside risk in the short term.

FT Alphaville - nobody is fooled by China's April trade data. It's all a lie.

FT Alphaville - then again, nobody has any hope for a boost to Japanese exports either. Fuck guys, you're really trying to bum everyone out, aren't you? Did you just get bought out by a Republican Party supporter and told to start writing doomer propaganda?

ETF Trends - gold ETF asset flows are an indicator. Are they starting to clue in? Y'know, that China and India are the real supply/demand movers, and ETFs only cause price distortion?

WSJ - gold ETFs driving the price. Oh my god, the secret is getting out.
"Buyers of bars and coins—who accounted for 29% of overall gold purchases in 2012, according to the World Gold Council—tend to be long-term holders. If someone purchases or leases a safe to store their investment, and buys gold in increments of $1,500 or more, they are likely to think of their ownership tenure for the metal in terms of years, rather than days or months."
My god. They're reading my blog and becoming sensible. It's only a matter of time now before they figure out that gold is an emerging markets per-capita wealth growth play and not some stupid White People's interest rate/inflation play. You know what happens then? Then gold starts going back up. - Chinese gold imports surge by 130%. In March, by the way. That's before the hedge fund puke of April.

Mineweb - gold-hungry China braces for surge in imports. Notably, gold is still considered a safe haven investment in China. Like I've been saying.

FT Alphaville - oh and also we hold out no hope for copper. OK, now you're just being dickheads.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The KVB's "Sleep Walking"

More drum machiney goodness.

Dick was well behaved tonight

Rick Rule was well-behaved tonight, probably the result of the sarcastic upbraiding on my blog. No clownish libertopianism, no obscurely quoting Max Stirner, and only the slightest few digs at government deficits.

Part 1

He still thinks it'll be a summer lull, and there'll still have to be a massive puke before we find the true bottom. Then again, that's a good thing to say if you want to accumulate without the market running away from you, right? As he says, you don't want to buy in competition with others. So let's make sure the others who follow you think that you think that the market can still puke from here.

Also importantly, as CXO has demonstrated, he says it's a market that's been "starved for performance".

Part 2

He doesn't like large low-grade deposits. He prefers margin, so I guess he pays attention to Brent Cook. Without giving him credit of course.

Part 3

His boss is going to call him in the office and give him a right shit-kicking, because he just went on TV and said he doesn't know if silver will go up or down from here. Kid, the Sprott story is that silver is going to $500; if you can't talk the book, you're not going to be working for them anymore. Smarten up.

Blah blah and so on, you should be able to find the rest of the segments yourself.

He also, btw, seems to have gotten hooked on Rod Stewart's "optionality of gold" story.

He also gave a shout-out to his buddy Louis James at Casey.

Exitmusic's "The Night"

Here's some Exitmusic for you.

The dick is on BNN tonight at 6

Rick Rule, AKA Mr Fiat Weimar Zimbabwe Money-Printing Hyperinflation Ludwig Von Mises Helicopter Ben Libertarianism Gold Standard Hard Money Ayn Rand And Anyone To The Left Of Ron Paul Is A Communist, will be on BNN tonight at 6PM to talk mostly about himself.

He may also stumble into the topic of the shitty explorecos and how now's the time to buy them, if the host can find a mirror for him to stare longingly into while he talks.

This might be a good thing for the market, as long as he can stay on the message of the explorecos being horribly oversold, and not let his mouth run on with that childish political-economic platform of the now-utterly-disgraced goldbugs.

I really doubt he'll manage to stay on a sensible message for an entire hour, so I doubt there will be a net benefit to the market from his appearance on TV. The goldbugs are all washed out and broke now, so there's no point talking to them; it's the rational people with money who need to be persuaded to buy these shitty stocks.

But which type of person - loonie goldbug or rational investor - can listen to Rick Rule for five minutes without screaming in agony at the death of the braincells?

The guys on Stockhouse think he's going to pump Lydian again, because when you want to accumulate a stock the first thing you should do is tell everyone to make the price go higher.

To me, the only rational explanation I can find for him pumping Lydian would be to help out an old employee whose star pick has been looking awful weak lately. Dunno why he would do that though.

The hilarious cement-headedness of a German anti-Euro party

BI - Alternative für Deutschland party gaining in polls.


Let's see if an uneducated dumbass like me can hit all the salient points here. Taking Germany out of the common currency will:

1) cripple Germany with an overvalued Deutschmark;
2) be a boon to the remainder of the ECU by driving down the Euro;
3) thus massively improving Mediterranean competitiveness against Germany as their currencies diverge;
4) thus destroying Germany's export numbers;
5) thus boosting the rump ECU's export numbers;
6) thus also devaluing the rump ECU's Euro-denominated debt relative to trade flows;
7) thus solving the rest-of-Europe's problems at the expense of Germany which will then enter a nasty depression.

Oh and I think we can add

8) Deutschebank collapses, destroying the German budget when the country has to round up a few trillion dollars worth of state-funded bailout money to recapitalize them.

So Germany quite obviously needs to remain in the ECU.

Germans are logical people so they will grasp this.

But then they'll say "we hate the swarthy Mediterraneans so we'll do it anyway." Because Germans never let logic get in the way of hating people they consider inferior.

Tell me again about how great a buy the gold miners are right now

Not trying to dissuade you from scooping up the vomit with both spoons here, but:

If you haven't noticed, I'm all about the EMA(16) and the Bollinger mean. If you can't get over it, you're in a downtrend and I need a reason to even look at you.

Both GDX:GLD and GDXJ:GLD have been trending down. That means that the gold miners have been going down relative to gold. It's no better recently either: they're both way below the SMA(50) and about to cross over on the MACD again.

What a massive fucking puddle of puke this sector is.

Here's something interesting by the way:

Copper miners have been bottoming relative to copper. Hey, they've even poked their heads above the SMA(50), almost as if they're looking for the all-clear for copper prices to go up in the future.

If there's really a bottom around here, the copper miners are acting reasonably, while the gold miners are acting fucking stupid. Of course it could be the other way round; but I think we can be safe in assuming that the people who invest in copper miners are reasonable people, while the people who invest in gold miners are fucking stupid.

CXO today

Just in case today turns into one of those days where gold is dumped on the news release about yet more massive losses from John Paulson's gold fund,

CXO traded a fair percentage of its float this past 2 weeks, much of it over 65 cents, and it's got a long way to fall to get back to normalcy.

Maybe a run on gold gives us a deadly deal to get in?

NASDAQ breaks 3400

The Q broke 3400 just now.

Do you think that 3340-3370 gap will be filled?

Let me rephrase that....

Do you think with all sectors +2SD up that the gap will be filled any time soon?

Whoops... just the act of writing this post drove it back below 3400.

Well, we'll see.

Morning market observing

Emerging markets are up....

China, the country that bought all of GLD's gold and took it permanently off the market, is up...

And yet gold is down.

Maybe it's just more of Paulson's muppets dumping his fund? Or is this another rollover and epic drop? Dunno. All I know is I'll be happy when people recognize gold is an emerging markets growth play and not a "money printing" or "inflation" or "fiat Weimar Zimbabwe" play.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Xander Harris' "Tanned Skin Dress"

It's not so much the music as the fact that some guy does electronic music under the moniker "Xander Harris".

More news

Bespoke - big jump in bullish sentiment. Well, the Q has broke to new highs and the $TRAN was about too as well (did so today), so why not?

JC Parets - S&P 500 levels to watch for. 1600 on the downside, bigger numbers on the upside. There, now you don't have to read it.

FT Alphaville - China's great rebalancing - where is the investment actually going? Big problem. - "Big" Mick Davis and Goldman Sachs building war chest for takeover frenzy. That'll be nice, if and when it happens. Hey, speaking of which... why does it make sense for BHP to dump Pinto? They get rid of a profitable, producing asset, and in return they get cash. What is the cash good for? Seriously, what does BHP need the cash for? I don't get it.

Mineweb - USGS says US gold production declining. OK, so what's happening with gold production in China, Mongolia, Siberia and central Asia? Cos that might be the problem with Brent Cook's mine supply argument.

Led Er Est's "May"

Half of originality is not knowing what you're doing.

If you know what you're doing, you're just being a poser.

In art, anyway.

CXO - the only girl in the bar

CXO go voom.

Shout out to the renegade Peruvian anal yst who didn't buy at 60 cents.

I decided, even though something like 40% of their float has already traded, that it's too much fun a story to pass up, so I went and grabbed 1000 shares.

I feel confident that everyone else who is waiting for the junior scene to come back to life is doing the exact same thing. It's like being the only girl at a Dungeons & Dragons convention.

Some news

Reformed Borker (Bork Bork Bork!) - Wall Street vs the S&P. "The funniest thing ever is how Wall Street has this reputation for being permanently bullish and always sucking people in - and miraculously, unbelievably, they've managed to be not so bullish (even bearish) in the aggregate during one of the most powerful rallies of all time."

BI - Joe Wiesenthal click-whoring about "something sinister". He says SocGen says investors say they're worried about the drop in gasoline prices presaging weakness in the US economy. Instead of, y'know, being happy about demographic changes that result in lower gas prices, creating less of a drag on the US economy. Because Joe Wiesel is a click whore.

Felix Salmon - the painfully slow job recovery. Mr Sweatervest suggests pawt of the cause is a stwuctuwal twansition in the US from manufactuwing to sewvice-sector.

Reuters - French finmin says enough with the austerity already. Meanwhile Germans still want to see the rest of Europe miserable.

Reuters - Japan's neighbours welcome Abenomics. Though the capital flows might put upward pressure on neighbouring currencies, which would be a bad thing. I doubt, though, that many Japanese are inmvesting in the EMs - it's probably just US hedge funds playing the anticipation game.

Reuters - corruption puts brakes on Indian growth. They still have a long way to go before they can be taken seriously as an economy.

Human Impact - the man-made drought in Maharashtra. This is why you have to pay attention to what region of India you'e looking at. - Tommy The Hump interviews Brent Cook. Goes on for a half hour about his experience of the Bre-X crash, CXO, LYD, some uranium company or other, and so on.

Reuters - Banks in Singapore agonize over tax evasion crackdown. In the words of Aussie noise band Scientists, I cried no tears. But it raises an interesting point: why aren't banks convicted of money-laundering, when their clients are found guilty of tax evasion? Is it not money-laundering to hide the proceeds of a crime? Yes, I know the answer: "shut up, peasant."

Ritholtz - Warren Buffett investing quotes. He's richer than you, so you might want to read his words of wisdom. Some good stuff here. My fave:

“With Wrigley chewing gum, it’s the lack of change that appeals to me. I don’t think it is going to be hurt by the Internet. That’s the kind of business I like.”

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Glass Candy's "Warm in the Winter"

As far as I know, these guys are somehow related to Chromatics.

Cold Cave's "Life Magazine"

These guys started out as total noise, then turned into a New Order type band, and now are about as pop as anything else you can get.

You can imagine which I like the most.

SMBC does it again

Another edition of blog stats fun

Let's see what people have been searching my blog for recently:

OK, people still wonder what happened to Precious Metals House, I get that. Gold, gold everywhere, and not a gram to buy at close-to-spot prices.

OK, people are searching the internet to see if James West is conscientiously helping out the SEC in their ongoing investigation of Liberty Silver, I can savvy that. He could bust the investigation wide open for them with all the info he has, and it's inspiring for all of us to see him contributing.

B2Gold, Pierre Lassonde, all good reading material there.

What I don't get is who the hell is searching the internet for "Daniela Cambone in rubber boots"?

Dude, YKINOK, and just to be on the safe side we're going to make a note of your location and IP address.