Thursday, June 2, 2011

Friday video cavalcade

I was going to do a lot of things, but then settled on the idea of mellow music.

Here's the Cowboy Junkies, a Canadian band who at the height of punk slowed down the tempo tremendously. Honestly, when they played, you really were allowed to bring in a beanbag chair.

Unfortunately either I can't find any of their videos that are slow enough to really get their idea across, or maybe it only seemed slow back then in the hectic age of the 80s. But here they are covering Neil Young's "Powderfinger", which is a great song in itself.

Part of the reason I might not be able to correctly remember Cowboy Junkies' slowness is that they started a powerful trend - slowcore really began there. It kinda reached its apotheosis with Mazzy Star.

Which, for pretty much no reason, because they're not slowcore in any way, leads me on to Cerys Mathews and Catatonia, and a song that's good for anyone in Canada who's just suffered through 8 months of howling winter....

Ha! For the heck of it all I did a search for Antenne, a very obscure Danish duo - Kim Hansen does most of the music and electronics, and Marie-Louise Munch the vocals, and they really distilled ultra-slow to a brand-hew artform. And know what? Someone did a fan-made video for their song "Whispering", which is nothing but 9 minutes of what the European sissies call a snowstorm, or as we in Canada call it, "a pleasant light snowfall". Very fitting, actually.

Which led me to an actual video for something off their 3rd CD.

As is typical for any band doing anything really good and striking and original, they probably don't play live, or even record anymore, since Kim probably makes a load more money working for Danish radio.

Back to Canada, and this last is not even a video - just an mp3 with a still shot of the album cover. But to me, this is one of Canada's greatest and most underrated acts, Courage of Lassie. I loved this song 20 years ago and would do anything to get a copy - but unfortunately, even the record label, which was Canada's greatest and most underrated, went under something like 20 years ago.

But the song is really beautiful and a must-hear.

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