Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Educational mining videos... or are they?

I was poking around Youtube looking for cute kitty videos, when I decided to go look for more educational stuff on mineral exploration.

I came across this set of educational videos titled "Mining 101". Nothing much I don't know, but still thought I might post them.

Then I saw that this one was the first in the series.

Hey Otto! Your buddy is edjamacatin'!

Here's the rest for the hell of it all.

With all the Ernst & Young trusses people are wearing, it looks like these were shot at PDAC.

But if you prefer, a certain evil Swedish hacker website has a 30-part video lecture series by The Teaching Company, titled "Nature of Earth: an Introduction to Geology". It's about 4GB.

And National Resources Canada has a whole stack of videos freely available to download, courtesy of us the Canadian taxpayer. Here's the whole list.

I haven't watched them yet, but if it's anything like the famous Canadian Film Board production titled Hinterland Who's Who....

And, by the way, the band Boards of Canada was formed by 2 electronic musicians from someplace dismal like Scotland who spent a few years living in someplace yet more dismal like Alberta. They were inspired by the music from Hinterland Who's Who to make electronic/IDM music that was warbled and muffled just like the Canada Film Board movies they'd see on public TV.

Like you can hear in this YouTube upload of Disengage. Just let it roll for the whole 55 minutes, it's an adventure in music.

BTW, Boards of Canada basically decided to dump the muffled incomprehensible music after their album Music Has the Right to Children. I.e., after that album they became nothing more than a Legion of Green Men tribute band:

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